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Where can you find the Student Conduct Code

True or false:  Being present while a violation of the conduct code occurs and not reporting it means you could be in violation of the code as well.

Downloading copyrighted music violates which of the following regulations?

If a professor suspects you turned in your roommate's paper from last semester, he/she can charge you with violating which policy?

What could the result be for a "first offense, in violation" finding for plagiarism?

True or False: A student found with drug paraphernalia but not actual marijuana can still be in violation of the "marijuana less than one ounce" policy.

A student who is not 21 decides to use his brother's driver's license to buy alcohol at a local bar and was caught. What may he be charged with according to the conduct code?

True or False: In their syllabus, a professor specifies that all student's cell phones must be turned off and left in their backpacks. The professor catches one of the student's texting in class and the professor can charge them with classroom disruption.

True or False: Disciplinary probation is different than academic probation?

What may happen if a student is on disciplinary probation from a prior violation and violates the code again?

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